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Self Mastery


The 12 Week Self Mastery Program

1:1 Coaching with Bianca

If you’re anything like most women who feel called to visit this page you have an inner knowing there is more to life or perhaps there is something in your life you’re not fully satisfied with…

Maybe it’s your relationship, your professional life, feelings of not being good enough - or it could even be mix of them all (like it was for me - Bianca)

If you feel stuck in life not knowing who you are, what you want and what to do next. I know how it feels, I have been there & I can help, guide & support YOU with: The 12 Week Self Mastery Program which I have designed specifically for women wanting to:

• Gain Clarity, Perspective & find their Purpose.
• Build Confidence, Self Love & Self-Esteem.
• Learn how to prioritise what is important & implement boundaries.
​• Create a fulfilling life / career with balance. 
​• Take control of their life and happiness by mastering self awareness, the ego & coming out of victim mode. 


The investment for The 12 Week Self Mastery Program is: £555 a month (for 3 months) or £1500if paid in full.


It’s time to invest in YOU….the best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself! 

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