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Alignment is the Answer

12 Week Coaching & Pilates Program


A hybrid, holistic, women’s wellness program designed to support women towards inner alignment of their mind, body & soul. A journey of profound transformation focusing on Self Empowerment Coaching, Reformer Pilates & Community.


What does it mean to live in alignment?


Living in alignment is to consciously get to know yourself, then align your actions, thoughts, and values with who you are. To live in alignment is about being authentic & intentional with everything you do. When you live in alignment, you feel a sense of inner peace, fulfilment, and purpose. The truth is, focusing on your inner alignment is the number one thing that will have a lasting impact on your outer world & why I am so passionate about it.


Living in alignment involves:

  • Cultivating self-awareness & intentionally getting to know ourself over & over again.

  • Honouring our values & beliefs in your everyday choices.

  • Listening to our intuition & following our heart's desires.

  • Living an intentional life.

  • Nurturing our mind, body, and soul through practices that support our well-being.

  • Creating harmony and balance in our relationships, work, and lifestyle choices.

Program Details

Over the course of 12 weeks, the women who say yes to themselves & lean in will be taken on a journey meticulously designed to deepen their mind-body connection, enhance their self-awareness & cultivate alignment with their true selves. To become the women they were always destined to be before life happened & things got in the way.


Each week as a group we will focus on specific themes & practices to support the women's transformational journey. The women can expect to experience a wide range of benefits, including improved physical strength, enhanced mental clarity, increased emotional resilience, and a deeper sense of inner peace and fulfilment.

By getting to know themselves & aligning with their true selves, the women will unlock their full potential & thrive in all areas of life - taking new skills, knowledge, tools, perspectives & more into the rest of their lives & beyond.

Reformer Pilates Studio Group Classes: Every Monday & Friday 11AM

My Social Sister Online Group Coaching Calls: Every Wednesday, 8PM - 9PM

Duration: 12 Weeks

Start Date: Monday 15th April 2024

End Date: Monday 8th July 2024

In addition to the coaching and Pilates classes, the program includes:

🤎 Sophia a Support Coach

🤎 1 x Meet Up at COFFEE SHOP per month

🤎 1 x My Social Sister 90 Day Self Investment Planner

🤎 SixthSoul Pilates Socks

🤎 Community Group Chat with daily support

🤎 3 Months Access to My Social Sister Membership

🤎 Recommended Resource List

🤎 10% off Sixth Soul & My Social Sister

Discover the keys to living authentically and purposefully as you embark on this journey of ultimate self-discovery and empowerment, nurturing both your physical and mental alignment. Each week is focused on progression and improvement, ensuring that you experience tangible results and growth.

Whether you're new to reformer Pilates or a seasoned practitioner, this program welcomes ALL levels. Experience the transformative effects of Reformer Pilates as you strengthen and align your body, enhancing your posture, flexibility, and overall well-being.

Through weekly coaching calls, you'll delve deep into your mindset, uncovering limiting beliefs, and embracing new perspectives. As you align your mind and body, you'll experience a boost in self-confidence, preparing you to step into summer 2024 with renewed vitality and radiance.


Prepare to embrace a life aligned with your deepest desires. Are you ready to say yes to your journey of self-discovery and empowerment with "Alignment is the Answer"?

By the end of the 12 weeks, you will emerge empowered, centered, and fully aligned with a life of abundance, purpose, and radiant joy.

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in today's fast-paced world, is most people have no idea of what it means to live in alignment of even have a sense of balance in their lives. From juggling work & personal commitments to navigating the pressures of societal expectations, many people - women especially find themselves feeling lost, stuck, disconnected from life, the present moment & who they truly are.

Living with a default purpose shaped by our upbringings, people around us & society is the norm, so it is no wonder that so many people struggle to find their true path and sense of direction. This lack of alignment can manifest in various ways, leading to physical discomfort, mental health declines, fatigue, and emotional unrest. In the midst of this chaos, finding alignment becomes not just a goal but a necessity for holistic wellbeing and fulfilment & why I am so passionate about this concept.


The Solution 'Alignment IS the Answer’. This program is designed to address the root causes of feelings imbalance, being lost, stuck etc and guide the women towards alignment of mind, body, soul with clarity & direction. Through a unique blend of self development & empowerment coaching, pilates classes and community support., The women will embark on a transformative journey where each week is focused on progression & evolution, ensuring tangible results and growth from day 1.

Program Schedule


Week 1-2: Foundation Setting

Introduction to the concept of alignment

Setting intentions and goals in Planner

1 Coaching Call / Daily Group Chat Support

2 Reformer Pilates Classes


Week 1: Foundation Building

Establishing alignment and form.

Building core strength and stability.

Familiarising yourself with Pilates, exercises and equipment.

Week 3-4: Mindset Mastery

Exploring the power of mindset

Introduction to mindfulness practices

1 Coaching Call / Daily Group Chat Support

2 Reformer Pilates Classes

Week 2-4: Strength & Progression

Increasing intensity and resistance in your workouts.

Enhancing muscle tone and definition.

Improving flexibility and range of motion.

Week 5-6: Values Alignment

Delving into personal values

Identifying areas of alignment

1 Coaching Call / Daily Group Chat Support

2 Reformer Pilates Classes

Week 5-7: Mind-Body Connection

Deepening your mind-body awareness.

Fine-tuning movement precision and control.

Exploring more advanced Pilates techniques and variations.

Week 7-8: Lifestyle Audit

Assessing current lifestyle habits

Overcoming resistance to change

1 Coaching Call / Daily Group Chat Support

2 Reformer Pilates Classes

Week 8-10: Flow & Fluidity

Incorporating dynamic and flowing movements.

Enhancing coordination and balance.

Cultivating fluidity in your practice

Week 9-10: Purpose & Passion

Connecting passions with purpose

Setting goals aligned with purpose

1 Coaching Call / Daily Group Chat Support

2 Reformer Pilates Classes

Week 11-12: Mastery & Integration

Mastering complex Pilates sequences and combinations.

Integrating Pilates principles into daily life.

Feeling confident and empowered in your Pilates practice and body

Week 11-12: Visioning & Integration

Crafting future vision & intentional living

Reflecting on the transformational journey

1 Coaching Call / Daily Group Chat Supports

2 Reformer Pilates Classes

By The End of Your 12 Week Journey

ou'll not only have transformed your physical strength and fitness but also deepened your mind-body connection, enhanced your posture, and cultivated a newfound sense of confidence and vitality


Your Hosts

About Me Your Coach + My Social Sister


Im Bianca Skeete, 33, Cancerian, Dog-Mama who loves a solo date, traveling, journaling & a good hot matcha or cacao!

I am a certified Self-Empowerment Coach & have been coaching women 1:1 & through my group coaching program journeys for the past 4 years.

Alignment IS The Answer Essex (1).png

I have been an entrepreneur for all of my adult life - 10 years ago I founded my first business - a fast fashion brand in the Middle East which I exited in 2020 after doing deep inner work and realising it no longer aligned with who I am even though the brand was thriving.

I am now founder & MD of My Social Sister with my 3 sisters - we’re a women’s empowerment community, sisterhood & brand, supporting women to take time for themselves, invest in themselves & try new things! I’m also a Podcast Host, Events, Retreats & Women's Circle Facilitator & Trainer.


My passion is intentional living & the journey of getting to know yourself through personal growth & self development. I am driven by curiosity and the desire for us all to live lives free from being on ‘autopilot’, conditioning by society on who we should be or what we should do, trauma & numbness.

About Sophia + Your Wellness Bestie


Sophia is an invaluable member of our support team, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to women's empowerment, mindset, and wellness. 

Alignment IS The Answer Essex (2).png

As a mother of two toddler girls, Sophia's journey into the world of holistic wellbeing began in 2018 and has since blossomed into a profound passion. 


She has completed three coaching programs with me, undergone women's circle facilitator training to become a space holder, and actively participated in numerous events, enriching her understanding and expertise in this field.

Driven by her desire to support women and mothers in their quest to become the best versions of themselves, Sophia's dedication to mind, body, and soul alignment is truly inspiring.

About Claudia + Sixth Soul Studio


Claudia our Reformer Pilates Instructor & Studio owner has been practising reformer pilates for 7 years.

After becoming a qualified instructor Claudia opened her first studio in a cabin in her garden where she met some amazing people & watched them grow through teaching the method of Pilates.


Claudia then opened up her first studio in Essex just one month before her first baby was born. Hutton has grown from strength to strength into a community of such amazing women and men too. With this it felt right to open another studio close to where Claudia is from to create another community closer to home who want to become the best version of themselves.

Studio No2 in Harlow is where our program will be being held.Both studios are set in rural areas on beautiful land which Claudia felt is all part of the experience as soon as you drive into the gates that instant feeling of a calming safe space for people to work out and unwind with mood lighting, oil diffusers and affirmation card at the end of the session. The perfect space for our Alignment IS The Answer Program.


Alignment IS The Answer Essex (5).png
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