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Full Moon Vs. New Moon – A Guide To Setting Intentions

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The moon can turn the tide and rock our minds. It has the power to manipulate nature and energy. It has been honoured by the Native Americans, the Celts, and other ancient civilisations throughout the world as a great source of magic and power. Connecting with the moon cycles was a natural part of this experience, and is still practiced today. Here is your guide to understanding the different energies the new moon and full moon carry, and how you can immerse fully and harness the power.

New Moon The new moon is when the sky looks particularly dark and the moon is shadowed. This dark time is nothing to be feared, however, because it is a time to turn inward and reflect. In ancient cultures, they would compare this darkness to the womb – a comforting space to be reborn. This is a new energy used to manifest new things in your life. Cleanse your energy by burning herbs or taking a bath with essential oils. Then, get ready for some new journeys. Set your new moon intentions by writing out everything you wish to attract this moon cycle. The new moons all about feeling ready for changes in your life. What is something you’d like to transform about your life or yourself? What are situations, people, or experiences you feel you are wanting in your life? Now is the time to attract the things that will serve you. This also is an important time to sit down and get clear with yourself about the things you want in life. Oddly enough, figuring out what you want is usually harder than attaining it! After you get clear and write it down, stick a crystal over your paper, and recite a prayer. Remember to make the prayer about being ready for change – “I am ready for change, I am welcoming transformation, I am welcoming graceful growth, I am welcoming abundance, love, and new positive experiences. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Now, watch the opportunities and signs over the next moon cycle. Every intention requires action and energy from your part. Set yourself up so what you wish to manifest will come easier, and now be congruent with your thoughts and deeds. Be excited – your world is about to expand.

Full Moon Everyone knows that the full moon makes people act a little more energetic and wild. In fact, the word “lunatic” stems from luna, meaning moon. It charges people up and is the ending to the moon cycle. With every ending in life comes a giant release, which is exactly what the energy of the full moon is about. Think about all of the energy, people, hurt, fear, anger, self judgement, and steam you wish to release. This is a time of fun, cleansing, and healing, so get ready because you are about to feel free, invigorated, and renewed from all the things weighing on you.

Now is the time to write down all the things you wish to release and free yourself from. Some ideas may be “I am freeing myself of self-doubt and fear. I am releasing limiting beliefs, obstacles, and preconceived notions of the future. I am releasing all that does not serve my highest, greatest good.” The most important part of this experience is to actually trust that this can happen. It is one thing to say it, and now you must assume the feeling of what it would be like to be truly free from the things that weigh on you. Burn some herbs and let your fears evaporate with the smoke. Send it up to a higher power and have faith that you are held, and go have some fun tonight with people you love to celebrate!

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