Join us & Mullberry's Magic for Cacao & Crystals Education & Meanings!

Service Description

When: Monday 22nd November Time: 18:30pm Where: Clientology, Wallasey Duration: 2 Hours Hosted by: My Social Sister & Mulberry's Magic • Learn everything you need to know about Crystals • Learn everything you need to know about Ceremonial Grade Cacao • Learn about the different crystals and their uses • Learn how to charge & cleanse your crystals Bring your own crystals, to cleanse, charge and meditate with during our 2 hour workshop. The workshop includes: ☾ 1 x Cup of Ceremonial Cacao ☾ Cleansing and Smudging ☾ Breath Work ☾ Guided Meditation and Visualisation ☾ Sharing Circle ☾Manifest with us, burn what it is your wanting to release and let go of. ☾ Candles, crystals, flowers, herbs, incense sticks in our Alter.

  • Started 22 Nov
  • 22.22 British pounds
  • Clientology

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