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Sis, Guess What?!


You have just landed on the page that is going to transform your life. Rest assured YOU are EXACTLY where you are meant to be.


The Sisterhood Subscription is the complete Women’s membership you never knew you needed.

So What is it?

The ultimate WOMENS Membership with a twist 

How will it benefit me? 
You are going to STOP Surviving and START Thriving!

What does that mean? 
You are going to stop struggling, stop just surviving, going through the motions each day. 
We will help you WAKE UP! prioritise yourself, build connections, learn new skills and most importantly get to know who you truly are. Then you can live the life you were born to live.


How does it work?
When you sign up you will be welcomed into a safe space, The Sisterhood Members area. This a secure area. The Home of the Sisterhood Subscription.
Please Expect zero judgement and 100% support 24/7.

7 day free trial available! (applied at checkout)

What's Included in Your Subscription?



Every month Bianca from My Social Sister holds LIVE events for our members, including


covering carefully selected themes like values, habits, boundaries, shadow work and much more

Industry Expert Embodiment Workshops

with industry experts teaching on various topics such as Yoga, Accessing Your Inner Child, and Self Pleasure

Community Connection Calls

where members can interact and partake in an open discussion about their journey and recent experiences



My Social Sister holds regular in-person events for our members, such as

Members Only Social Events

where we unite for a day or evening of FUN, laughter, connection and a beautiful chance for you all to meet! 

 Think brunch, outdoor walks, dinners and workshops

Members Only Retreats

where you'll be transported out of your everyday life and dropped into a serene state of being away from daily hassles, commitments and responsibilities, Expect to feel seen, nourished and pampered



You will have access to a community hub that includes

Guided Meditations

so you can learn how to incorporate the magic of mindfulness into your daily routine

Downloadable Resources

such as planners, to help support you on your journey

Crystal Guides

that educate you on the healing properties, associations, how to care for them and more

Oracle Card Pulls

to set the tone for the upcoming months of your journey



You will receive additional benefits such as

Exclusive Brand Discounts

for companies we've partnered with to offer you exclusive discounts on their products/service

The Members Directory

 where you can find a list of businesses & individuals with a specific area of expertise for you to connect with

Self-Care Subscription Boxes

 received from Lemonade Box each quarter of the year, designed in-line with our quarterly themes

(depending on subscription plan)

Mebership Planz

Membership Plans

We have an annual plan, which includes 4 FREE Self Care Subscription Boxes to pay in full for the year, or monthly options too!

All of our plans include a 7 day Free Trial (applied at checkout).

Choose which one is best for you and become a member of The Sister Hood today.

Monthly Investment (Excludes Quarterly Self-Care Box)

Purchasing this offer will give you access to The Sister Hood Subscription Community which includes the features described above (excluding quarterly self-care boxes).

£9.99 GBP Every Month

After 7 day Free Trial

Monthly Investment (Includes Quarterly Self-Care Box)

Purchasing this offer will give you access to The Sister Hood Subscription Community which includes the features described above (including quarterly self-care boxes worth £37).

£14.99 GBP Every Month

After 7 day Free Trial

Annual Investment

(Includes Quarterly Self-Care Box)

Purchasing this offer will give you access to The Sister Hood Subscription Community which includes the features described above (including 4 quarterly self-care boxes worth £148).

£120 GBP Every Year

After 7 day Free Trial

What  Current  Members  Have to Say


Jenn Shaw

I have been to many of the My Social Sister events including Sisterhood Sundays, Full moon ceremonies and the Sisterhood sanctuary sessions and they have all been amazing. It is so lovely to meet such inspirational and like minded people and the sisters have created a really wonderful community.


Bev Claire

I’d highly recommend My Social Sister! It was the best investment I could’ve made in myself, my mindset and my personal growth. Bianca has created a safe and supportive course and environment to help us make sure we’re living a life truly aligned with our true selves. I experienced huge and lasting breakthroughs over the course of the 4 weeks and these have continued to affect my daily life. I feel calmer, clearer and more confident in myself and my life choices.


Deryn Basnett

Since meeting the sisters, my life has changed considerably and the conversations and advise I received from Bianca kick started those changes. I had career goals and Bianca gave me the confidence to move into a new and exciting career that I am so passionate about - now working isn't working and I don't ever dread going to work in the morning.


Nicola Fenlon

In a short space of time My Social Sister has already changed my life & I am so excited to continue my journey. I feel lucky & can’t thank Bianca enough, I’m so grateful! I recommend to anyone who will listen to me. My Social Sister couldn’t have come at a more needed point in my life & just confirms to me that timings & our paths
are so aligned.


Leanne Joyce

The Self Love circle was beautifully set up and so peaceful and relaxing. It is the perfect circle for anyone wanting to discover more ways to engage in self love daily. Bee & Alex are so knowledgeable and welcoming. Thank you!


Kelly Wilson

Couldn’t have greater things to say about the Sisters. They each have something unique that they bring to the table and have been so patient throughout my journey with them! They’re extremely encouraging and their work ethic matches their moral code — which is all about supporting each ‘Sister’ who comes into their wonderful world in your own individual way.

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