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Thank you so much for being here, it means the world to us. We are grateful that you have found us, and we can’t wait to meet you & support you along your journey! We are four biological sisters who have completely different lifestyles, careers and home-lives, from busy working-mums to entrepreneurs. 



Our background

We are a proud mixed-race family; our Granddad being born in Barbados and our other three grandparents from Liverpool. We often get asked "are you related?" having diverse appearances from blonde hair and green eyes, to dark brown hair and brown eyes. But we love being unique! Both of our parents are very hardworking, which inspired each of us to find our passions and strive to reach our full potentials. We rise by lifting others!

Our Mission!

We are on a journey to create a Global Female Empowerment Movement. We want to show you how to feel your best and become your true and most loving self for the amazing woman you are!

Our Plan!


Over the past two years, we have been building a Sisterhood, with an aim to inspire everyone to feel as loved, appreciated and as valued as we do! We do this by visiting schools, exhibiting at events, self-investment products and hosting workshops and Sisterhood circles.


Hi I’m Bianca, or B! I'm 31 and a self-confessed bath-aholic! I love everything to do with holistic health & healing from within. 


I am a certified Self-Empowerment Coach as well as Marketing Director, Coach & Sister Circle Facilitator here at My Social Sister.


My purpose is to empower Women to create internal & external wellness through Self Care, Self-Love & Self Mastery. I am passionate about embodiment & designing a life that not only looks divine but feels divine too! 


After studying Events Management in Manchester Met University, I then independently travelled to various parts of the globe before settling in Dubai for five years, where I started my first business, I SAW IT FIRST from my bedroom. What drives me is the desire for us to live as the fullest true expression of ourselves while breaking free from conditioning, traumas and autopilot living. I have a wealth of knowledge and life experience in self-development, human behaviour, digital marketing & branding as well as a continuous commitment to investing in myself, my growth, development and healing daily! I cannot wait to connect with you Sis & see what magic we can unfold! 



Hey, I’m Alex and I’m 25. I am our Community Director and love anything health and wellbeing, from planning vegan meals to attending fitness classes online. I have supported children in schools for the past 6 years, qualifying as a Primary School Teacher in 2018! I have since been teaching children with Special Educational Needs/Disabilities and a trained Youth Mental Health First Aider. My passion is Creative Mindfulness, and I am an IMMA Accredited Creative Mindfulness Practitioner, hosting Mindfulness Classes and workshops for schools, organisations, and families from diverse backgrounds. I am highly compassionate and love to empower others, ensuring that they feel valued and listened to.


Hey I’m Mel, The eldest Social Sister, I am an engaged mum to two beautiful girls and lovely step-son. I am Project Portfolio Lead at Seadrill delivering IT projects around the globe. My previous role was 15 years at Unilever as Global Process Expert in Finance solutions, delivering continuous improvements and transformation.I am truly passionate about helping others grow, coaching & building teams. I always like to make work fun, enjoy having a laugh & making people smile. I believe we should ‘Always treat people the way you would like to be treated’ & ‘kindness is free’. So, I’d love to help you by first listening to your needs, then support you on your journey. I’ll bring structure & organisation, by sharing tools and skills I use in my day to day role. I believe with our support we will ‘Make it happen’ Come on sis, we can do this.



Hiya! I’m the creative Social Sister, Anouska. I have ran several small businesses for the past ten years whilst also juggling my gorgeous four children. My most recent business is HOST Oxton, which I opened this year,  because of my love for collective wellbeing through supporting local businesses and building a sense of community. I have an eye for aesthetic and after working with the public for over a decade, understand and anticipate what the next trend will be!

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