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We offer Group & 1:1 coaching for women ready to discover who they truly are and be a magnet for all they desire.

Our Coaching opportunities are designed and curated from the heart for those who are ready to uncover the true meaning of success by creating a live that not only looks amazing but looks feels amazing too! 

It’s time to awaken from within, it’s time to start living from the inside out!

Meet our Coach

Meet our Coach

Hey I’m Bianca - most people call me B!
I'm 33, Cancerian🦀, Dog-Mama🦴 who loves a solo date 🧖🏾‍♀️, traveling the world 🗺️, journaling ✍🏽 & anywhere that has matcha, acai & buddah bowls on the menu 🍵

I am a certified Self-Empowerment Coach & adore the work I do with my clients. I have been coaching women 1:1 & through my group coaching program journeys for the past 2.5 years.


Founder & Business Development Director of My Social Sister. Our Community Coach, Podcast Host, Women's Circle Circle Facilitator & Trainer, Content Creator (the list goes on)...I am SO grateful everyday for the work I get to do & the life I have created for myself after doing the inner work! It’s a dream to now guide & support women on the journey I’ve been on (as my life didn’t always look and feel this way trust me).


After studying Events Management at Manchester Met University, I independently travelled to various parts of the world before settling in Dubai for five years, where my life as en Entrepreneur began. At the age of 24 I started my first business, fast fashion brand from my bedroom while I was also working a corporate job. Not long after launching I SAW IT FIRST I was given an ultimatum in my corporate job to either move into a HR role or potentially be let go due to them not having budget for my position anymore - I took the risk & have worked for myself and been running my own businesses ever since💫


My passion is intentional living & the journey of getting to know yourself through personal growth & development. Im driven by curiosity and the desire for us all to live lives free from social conditioning, trauma and numbness living on autopilot (the way I lived before getting to know myself - I was so angry at the world because of things I’d been through & experiences, the cards I’d been dealt & totally burnt out because of bad lifestyle habits - so I know the journey and what it takes).


I have a wealth of knowledge and life experience & I am still fully committed to investing in myself, my growth, my development and my healing every day!

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