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Wait, let me call my Sister!

By My Social Sister

Hey Sis! Welcome to 'Wait! Let me call my Sister!' I'm your Host Bianca! Look out for new episodes every Wednesday solo & guests! You are ONE episode away from the biggest breakthrough and 'light bulb moment' of your life.


Listen in as I shed insight into healing old wounds and my journey of getting to know who I truly am which has impacted the lives of 100's of women! Our My Social Sister mission is to celebrate women & everything it means to be a women while welcoming YOU our listeners into our Sisterhood as we know first hand how important it is to be surrounded by likeminded women.


These podcasts will be full of first hand experiences from all the Sisters, guest speakers and fellow business women who have each harnessed growth, healing and success that is aligned with their core values, motivations and dream lives.

If you're looking for additional support within the Sisterhood, we're continually looking to help every woman across the globe to build a life of their dreams whilst living true to their authentic self.

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