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The Power of Sisterhood: Four reasons why women need women

  1. Women with a strong supportive circle have a much greater chance of reaching their potential.

  2. Women thrive when they have a sense of belonging and community.

  3. Being a part of a Sisterhood allows you to stand in your power more easily.

  4. Experiencing other likeminded women helps you to embody your true self without judgement.


We believe it is so important to have a strong support network of women around you, especially after the effects of the pandemic. So, if you are looking for guidance, additional training or want to master your mindset, join The Sisterhood to gain unity with likeminded women and become empowered. Here’s what you can expect:

Monthly Masterclass:

Our monthly master classes are tailored to our sisters and cover subjects, for example:

·       Mastering your morning routine

·       Beginners to advanced guides to Instagram essentials

·       How to build and monetise your brand

·       How to get the most out of your 90 Day Self-Investment Planner

·       Lifestyle and nutrition inspiration

·       Everything that you need to know to create engaging content

·       How to live with intention and maximise your daily potential

·       Attraction marketing and what it is

·       A-Z on starting up your own business

Monthly Guest Speakers:

One-hour live sessions with inspirational women from all walks of life. From Meditation, Wellbeing & Holistic coaches, entrepreneurs to stay at home mums. We’ve got it all covered!

The Sisterhood Private Facebook Group:

Join The Sisterhood and be surrounded by like-minded women. Talk, share and collaborate with your fellow Sisters in our private Facebook community. Your Social Sisters will be actively present to answer anything you need to keep you aligned.

Monthly Email Subscription:

Trouble keeping motivated? We will be dropping in daily inspirational and motivational emails to your inbox.

Exclusive insight to all new products, services and launches:

You will be the first in the know about behind the scenes at My Social Sister.

Sisterhood Grounding Community Activities

Group walks, Yoga & Mindfulness sessions, Cocktail Club, Coffee Mornings, Personal development club and SO much more.

Downloadable Documents, Worksheets & PDF’s

Starting a business? Busy mum? Need some inspiration? We’ve got you, Sis! You will have access to our portal of documents which include all of our secrets and everything that we have used to get to where we are today. These will help to keep you organised, efficient and make every day count.

By joining our community, we will support you to become accountable and take ownership of your life. Women rise by lifting others, so join our Sisterhood today.

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