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After starting my business from my home kitchen and not using Instagram consistently, I was clueless about how to gain a social media following and promote my business online. I then signed up with My Social Sister and following an introduction call, I was immediately put at ease. I am passionate about nutrition and Alkaline Juice Company is more than a business to me, it helps people to benefit their health and wellbeing which I wanted to keep as the focus in my marketing. MSS understood and appreciated this and has helped me thoroughly by creating informative content for my customers with a consistent style that compliments my company's ethos. Thank you sisters!



Social media is not a tool businesses of our kind typically use, but after hiring My Social Sister to support our social and recruitment websites, our company gained a consistent flow which has had a positive impact on our consulting business. 

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Miss Maddison

My Social Sister helped to give my business and I the push of confidence that it needed. I had been sceptical about starting to use social media for marketing due to it's fast paced and what feels like competitive nature. However, MSS inspired me to get started and I am so thankful to them for that. Their collective experience supported me thoroughly, meaning I was able to prepare a successful business plan, logo and marketing strategy. Therefore, my business was up and running before I knew it! Thank you again ladies.




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My Social Sister has been working in collaboration with The Martin Gallier Project's female support group "The Self Care Movement". The Self Care Movement is a group for women who have been affected by suicide and is aimed to empower women with the skills and confidence to improve their mental health through self-care activities. 

During this period of time, the sisters have attended a number of our sessions and have been a massive support to the women who attend the group. 

Melanie, Anouska, Bianca and Alex are all inspiring women who have been open and honest about their own experiences which has proven to be extremely valuable. Their passion for female empowerment is infections. 

The Self Investment Planners and the support that the sisters give alongside them has been outstanding. A number of the women who attend The Self Care Movement and have received support for My Social Sister have been empowered to develop routine, set goals and have had a reminder to do the things that light them up. 

As a charity, we value all the support that we receive from external organisations. My Social Sister are not only valued for their contribution to The Self Care Movement but also for their passion for suicide prevention and creating a suicide safer community. 

Thank you Melanie, Anouska, Bianca and Alex for your continued support!