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Discover your Love Language

Between the four of us, we have completely different love languages! Have you discovered yours? After we realised that we all give and receive love in different ways, it completely changed our outlook on love! We all want to show ourselves and our loved ones that we care, but have we been communicating it in the best way?

Author and counsellor Gary Chapman, PhD, spent years taking notes with couples he was supporting when he recognised a pattern. He realised that the couples were completely misunderstanding each other and their needs. We all show and like to receive affection in TOTALLY different ways, which he categorised into their own 'love language'. The five love languages are:

  1. Words of affirmation

Verbal compliments that express your love & appreciation. "You look gorgeous!"

  1. Quality time

Focused and undivided attention, spent with a loved one. "Let's have dinner together tonight at the table, without the TV on"

  1. Physical touch

A hug, PDA, kisses, hugs, all the good stuff! 4. Acts of service Any act that releases any burdens or responsibility. "I'll clean the bathroom; you cover the stairs." 5. Receiving gifts Physical symbols that reflect thoughtfulness, memories & effort! "I booked us an afternoon tea for two!" Discovering your love language is another simple form of self-love that you learn about yourself to improve your attitude to affection, compassion, and care! If you don't know how you'd like to receive love, how can you confidently give it?! We found ours out here, let us know what yours is!

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