Self Love Sisterhood Circle - London

Saturday 18th June 2022

Service Description

Join us for an afternoon of Self Love & Sisterhood Every relationship in your life is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself. You can expect to leave our Self Love Sisterhood Circle feeling relaxed, empowered, inspired and more connected to your authentic self. We will guide you into the depths of unconditional self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance with a group of likeminded women. Without a deep foundation of self-love, we will continually find ourselves looking outwards for the happiness that can only be found within. This 2 hour event is designed to guide you into connecting more deeply and more meaningfully with yourself. We'll guide you into building a solid foundation of unconditional love and acceptance from which you can thrive. You’ll leave feeling alive and full of love, and with the tools needed to nurture the most important relationship in your life - your relationship with yourself. What is included: ☾ 1 x Cup of Ceremonial Cacao ☾ Cleansing and Smudging ☾ Intention Setting ☾ Bragging ☾ Self Love Sharing Circle ☾ Candles, crystals, flowers, herbs, incense sticks What to wear: Something comfortable What to bring: Just yourself Location STREK London

  • Starts 18 Jun
  • 33.33 British pounds

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For events - No refunds for cancellations within 24 hours of the event date, venue space is limited, and we need ample time to refill the space

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  • 19A Cobble Ln, London N1 1SF, UK